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Handy Family Company
Who we are


Allow us to introduce ourselves, we are a hard working family of three made up of Anna, Guy and Bobby (plus our fluffy companions Bonnie and Lagertha).


As a family business, we retain a unique quality that every member of our family plays a role to offer a modern-day social enterprise which enables us to handle the fundamental periods to the survival and on-going success of The Handy Family Company.

Our passion is to help people. With our backgrounds in furniture production, engineering, retail and design we can deliver meaningful results. We love what we do and we aim to please!

It took many years of self-education, hard work and perseverance to get where we are today. We are thankful we chose this career where we can continue learning as it is ever-evolving in the property sector. With each year we continue setting goals for ourselves, no matter how big or small and for that, we are most proud.

Handy Family Company
Say hello to the team!

Dedicated to helping in the community.

The Handy Family Company are dedicated to helping in the community and with your help, we are able to support the following charities by making a monthly donation


Rainbows Hospice for Children

Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People care for those with terminal illnesses including a growing number of children with cancer. They provide specialist care and support to help children, siblings and family through the toughest days of their lives helping them to treasure every precious moment.

Care is provided by a professional team of highly respected nurses, carers and therapists together with a large support team, under the direction of a team of doctors providing specialist paediatric, and palliative care for children in the hospice and in the community. Rainbows strive to help families escape from a hospital environment, focusing instead on a home-like atmosphere.


Me & Dee

Me & dee has a simple mission, to ensure families going through difficult and uncertain times are gifted with memories they can treasure, never losing sight of what truly matters. Because it’s those special moments shared with the ones we love, no matter how complicated circumstances may be, that are most precious of all.


They can’t change the difficult times. But together they can help families going through life-changing circumstances to laugh and smile when they need it most, making sure it’s the special times that will always be remembered. Their lodge in Sherwood Forest on the Sherwood Hideaway site is a place where families can spend together in a tranquil setting. It’s a place where families can leave the hospital visits behind, a break from the lovely doctors and nurses who look after them, giving them time to be a family again.


The me&dee Hideaway location is close to so many attractions that families can get to should they wish to venture out and enjoy. With your support, families and children facing life-changing and limiting circumstances can find the space to celebrate the precious time they have together.

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